The concept

Stones, sun and water….

Among the only things that grow on these arid limestone plateau and where the wind of history has dug obstinately and precision of a goldsmith shrines, tucked, away from our eyes, strangers under our feet;Roca gris

Some oaks, twisted and crippled for years, rooted in the desire to drink this parched land, plunging deeply their roots, draining the energy and survive; the Lot …

Time immemorial to the present day, the genius of man has built its shelters, castles and churches. On a hot and burning stone under the sun, he was able to make cool havens behind the thickness of their walls; the Lot …

The hard work of this wasteland he knew produced and bequeathed gourmet recipes from the depths of time, family secrets or world famous; the Lot …

Discover this region with a thousand treasures on board our 2CV and let time suspend its flight.

Our 2CV are available for a few hours or days.

The time of a meeting, time to get romantic or together in family, time to return to the time!

A nice face that is not found in our cars today, a suspension that no longer exists, a holiday atmosphere simply by entering in, “contact” … and … an unforgettable sound which is return the young and old, a large open mouth, astonished eyes and a nod that seems to say: “I too had one, my first car!”

Le Causse 5Chugging, shoulder against shoulder, gazing on the plateau that extends before your eyes, you do not get tired to contemplate and dazzle you.

Take the time to stop, admire the view, cooling off in the Dordogne river arm where trout and birds are the only people who will bother you.

Take the time to visit one of the tourist attractions such as exists nowhere else.

Simply take the time to live, to breathe, smell, touch … Take the time of the Lot!

Feeling hungry ?

A wicker basket, slid into the chest, full of flavors, offers plenty to delight your taste buds on a sunken road or sun behind a low wall of dry stones.

Want to keep an authentic souvenir of this trip ?

A Polaroid will capture those unique moments.